WORKSHOP: Arts, Law & You

Presented in partnership with The Creative Exchange

Arts West and Creative Victoria are pleased to present Arts, Law & You. Join us for 2 days of workshops and lectures with Suzanne Derry, Senior Solicitor at Arts Law of Australia as she unravels some of the legal mysteries artists and arts organisations encounter daily.

WHEN:            Wednesday 8th & Thursday 9th November 2017.
WHERE:          Kensington Town Hall, 30-34 Bellair St, Kensington VIC
Workshops (limited capacity)
$10.00 Unwaged Artists and Producers.
$30.00 Waged Artists and Organisations

Privacy & Data Laws Lecture (Presented as part of Creative Exchange)
Free, bookings essential.



In this session, we’ll focus on some of the issues involved in contracting creatives to your organisation and your legal responsibilities. We’ll also give you some guidance around governance and how to work with Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property in your organisation and respecting culture and heritage in the law.

WHEN:            Wednesday 8th November, 10am-12pm
WHERE:           Kensington Town Hall, Supper Room
COST:              $10/$30


Understanding your contract gives you the power to negotiate a better deal or get out of a bad contract. This session takes you through how to make and negotiate a contract and some of the key terms to look out for in those agreements. This session is relevant to all creatives and artists across all art forms. We’ll guide you to useful templates and explain how to get legal advice on those.

WHEN:            Wednesday 8th November, 1pm-3pm
WHERE:           Kensington Town Hall, Supper Room
COST:              $10/$30


Creating art means creating copyright. Let us walk you through owning and using your copyright, knowing your moral rights. We’ll also shed some light on the potential pitfalls of putting your copyright and your ideas online – it can go wrong! This session uses practical examples, case studies from artists’ experiences and hypothetical scenarios to help make copyright accessible and easy.

WHEN:            Thursday 9th November, 10am-12pm
WHERE:          Kensington Town Hall, Supper Room
COST:              $10/$30


Working with other creatives can mean sharing your space, your ideas and your copyright. This workshop will explore creating and owning copyright jointly, incorporating a collaborative group, and some of the opportunities and responsibilities that arise when collaborating with other artists – including in cross cultural projects. This workshop is for you if you’d like to update your knowledge for a more sustainable arts practice and get a clearer understanding of the legal frameworks behind collaborative processes or projects.

WHEN:            Thursday 9th November, 1pm-3pm
WHERE:           Kensington Town Hall, Supper Room
COST:              $10/$30


There are many questions that arise when dealing with privacy and data. What are privacy laws and how do we comply with them? Specifically, does the sharing or use of our member or customer data infringe these laws? What are the rights in obtaining the customer data of your audiences? We will focus on these questions from the perspective of both an independent artist and an organisation.

WHEN:            Thursday 9th November 3.30pm-5pm
WHERE:          Kensington Town Hall, Main Hall
COST:              Free, Bookings essential

 Suzanne Derry, Senior Solicitor
Suzanne Derry is the Senior Solicitor at Arts Law, where she has worked for over 7 years. Suzanne has also worked for a number of community legal centres and a boutique entertainment law practice. She provides legal advice on a copyright, contract, defamation, debt and business structures. Suzanne enjoys educating artists about their rights and providing practical advice across a range of arts areas.


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